Artist Story

I started digital painting during journey with depression and anxiety and used art as a tool for personal transformation and healing. When I create a piece, it always has a bigger lesson behind it to help me grow and shift and I started BAPart to share those lessons and help communities of color use art as a tool like I did to create movement on their journey to walk into their higher purpose and foster transformation through the arts. My goal is to create therapeutic art that uplifts and represents the unique experience of women of color who are underrepresented in art and in the arts.

My vision is to  defy normative thinking through art that inspires women of color to break barriers and celebrate what it means to be human in a world markedly shaped by sexism, racism, and hetero normative culture. Therefore, I aspire to ensure that every community of color has access to moving art that inspires dialogue, connection and advances positive representation of women of color in art and in the arts.

I believe in the power of art to unlock the gateway to "something bigger." You can't quantify the hidden, unspoken parts of life. Art has the power to inspire people across genders, religions, and cultures because of this dynamic. Additionally, art subconsciously defines the space around you and influences the way you interpret and interact with your environment. Art shapes and is shaped by you and gives voice to truths that are difficult to put into words.

This is why the mission behind my art and my brand is to use art as a tool to help women of color "be a part" of something bigger than themselves.

IG @bapart11