MANGO Maison Onboarding

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Welcome to Our Community!

Welcome to the artist community! We’re honored that you’ve chosen to work with us. It’s our utmost priority to ensure you have an excellent experience with our Mango Maison team from day one, so we’ve compiled this one-sheeter filled with information on how to become a featured artist on our site!

  1. Please fill out our artist intake form 
  2. After reviewing your art, we will either accept or deny your application 
  3. If accepted, we will reach out to you directly to sign our agreement
  4. We will launch your artwork on our site within 3-5 business days 

Artist Intake Form

Please fill out the following artists intake form and be aware of the guidelines below before uploading your artwork:

  • Add extra space around the important details of their art. This is to make sure that we follow printing guidelines (notice on the image below, there is extra space around the actual art)
  • If you need help with extending the background, we can provide a psd template for additional guidance  
  • Name the artwork (will use for product links)
  • Please send artwork as a saved PNG file 
  • Have the image on high resolution, the ideal pixel size to use is 6500px x 6500px or greater, with a 300 DPI or larger
  • Only send up to 5 artwork pieces to start (if you’d like to send more, then we can add them on a later date)
  • Avoid cut-off art; it’s better if the image is at the center of the artboard (can provide template if necessary)
  • We plan on including your artwork on wall canvases, pillows, puzzles, comforters, rugs and many more home decor products
    • Based on your art style, we might include some of your designs on various apparel items on our sister brand website “souk + SEPIA”.

Dashboard Login 

We provide monthly reports on how your artwork is selling on our platform and how much money you will be receiving. To view how sales are going more frequently, you have the ability to log into your vendor account (information sent via email, after agreement is signed)

  • You will receive an email from us asking you to login, we will provide that login information after the agreement is signed. 
  • Mango Maison provides a revshare based on overall sales, you will receive a payment on the 1st of every month through PayPal 

Main Point of Contact

Uba Anyadiegwu

Operations Manager for Mango Maison - uba@ujuumedia.com

Let us know if you have any other questions - looking forward to working with you! :)