Ebony Puzzle

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Ebony Puzzle

Ebony Puzzle

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Artist Story

Rashad Ali Muhammad is an interdisciplinary artist of the African diaspora residing in the Washington metropolitan area. Muhammad builds a sense of wonder and mystique in his art as he blends his lived experiences, vivid imagination, and refined aesthetic to create striking representations of the human spirit. His multifaceted practice is informed by formal education in graphic design and photography at American University and fine art and film education in high school. Muhammad's art is a visual feast that takes time to digest as you take in each distinct detail.

Artist Statement

For Black Americans, generational memory is the great miracle of Pan Africanism. After traveling to Africa, I became captivated by the blood memory connections African diasporans innately possess with pre-colonial Africa. While many Black Americans may never know their ancestors' names and geographic origins, many have received a wealth of cultural memory passed down for generations. I use my art to explore themes of spirituality, cultural identity, and life lessons through connections of our modern existence with that of our ancestors.

Collaging reminds me of my ancestor's ability to create new ways of existing from disparate sources. A wide array of distinct African traditional knowledge and skills have blended and evolved, driving the Black community forward in the face of decades of systematic oppression. This magic isn't a mistake or a happy coincidence. Collage fuses various repurposed pieces, each with a distinct meaning, combined to create new connections and meanings that captivate and engage the mind. The celebration of my ancestors' spirits empowers me to take on the world, and it's my mission to share their power with my fellow African diasporans.

IG: @ramcreates



Comes in a box with a clear top and includes a guide print for putting the puzzle together

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